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Untitled (Fishing series)

Plaster, pigments, feather, hair, various natural materials

Different dimension



Fancy: In flytying, a fancy pattern is the vauge notion that a fly pattern is basically a tyer`s idea of what is imitated. Materials, usually arranged in a decorative manner, capture a concept rather than the creature. Fancy patterns appear neither in nature nor in impressions of nature. They are, instead products of the imagination or fancy. Such patterns are often original and extravagant blends of methods and materials. Some of the excotic salmon patterns whimsical "attractors" may be stuck in the fancy wallet. They are more the result of imagination and the subjective response than imitation. If this is the application of "the fallacy of misplaced reality‟ then tying is even richer for it.


(…) He notes that "The aim of the angler accordingly ought to be to have his artificial fly calculated, by its form and colours, to attract the notice of the fish, in which case has much greater chance of success than by making the greater efforts to imitate any particular species of fly‟. Fish may be more deceived by the "apperance‟ of life and motion than by the specific resemblance to any natural creature. Rennie concludes that the artificial fly ought to attract by "form and color"1


1Darryl Martin, The flytyers`s illustrated dictionary, p.122, New York: The Lyon Press, 200


Feathers and Fluff 


Bronze Saddle Medium Brown

Bronze Rooster Cape Golden Badger

Bronze Cape Grizzly

Cock Hackles Purple

Cock Hackles Red

Cock Hackles Black

Cul De Canard, Smoke, Light Blue Dun, White, Natural, Dun

Goose Quills


Ostrich Hearl Natural

Peacock Heral

Pheasant Cock

Pheasant Hen

Pro Cape March Brown

Pro Cape Golden Straw

Strung Marabou Blood Quills Black

Hairs and Furs


Awesome Possum Dubbin Natural Brown

Crosscut Rabbit Strips Black

Deer Body

Deer Body Black

Hares Ear Dubbing Olive

Rabbit Strips Grizzly #4

Rabbit Strips Silver Grey #26




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